Five Things Friday (#4)

Is anyone else ready for the weekend? I feel like I’ve been waiting for Friday since Tuesday. I’ve been 100% buried in the ATFS sequel, writing 1,000+ words in a sitting, and it’s making me hyperemotional and absentminded. Does anyone else get that way when they’re really in the trenches of a project? It’s a good thing because the creativity is definitely happening, but it’s also exhausting (and probably not very fun for my husband). Anyway, here are five things to get you out of your funk and into the weekend!

*number 5 has a Game of Thrones spoiler within, so if you’re not caught up, close after #4*

1. Bon Iver performing at the Sounds from a Safe Harbour music festival

Reader, I cried. I’m not emotionally ready to talk about “715 (Creeks)”, OK? I’m just not. Then Fionn Regan makes an appearance? And the guys from the National? And a choir?!?! Why was I not in Cork for this?!

2. This approach to anxiety/insecurity

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 9.37.33 AManxietya2a3a4a5

“I’m hanging up now. Take me off your list.”

3. Zaiguu on Etsy

I ordered one of her watercolor bee stickers a while back, and it’s the cutest part of my hydroflask.


In addition to being crazy talented, she’s a very sweet soul with wonderful customer service. I couldn’t recommend her shop more.

4. First look at Peaky Blinders Season 4! 


They still haven’t released the date of the premiere, but it’s coming!!! My family looks so good. 😭😭😭 PS, if you haven’t watched seasons 1-3 yet, they’re on Netflix, and there are only 6 episodes in a season. You can still catch up! Then come talk to me. I have lots to say.

5. *GAME OF THRONES SPOILERS AHOY* This drawing by Celeste Doodles of Sansa and Arya Stark set in the 20’s.


If I had an aesthetic, this would be it. Oh, the fan fiction that could be written. Celeste is one of my favorite artists on Tumblr, and I legitimately screamed when I saw this. Sansa is my queen and this rendering of her is incredible.

Wishing you all a restful and productive weekend!

Fangirlishly yours,




Published by clairelaminen

I am a Ventura, California native with a compulsion to create. I'm a storyteller, through writing, photography, and occasionally music. Weekends are for camping with my husband, reading, and hunting for vintage treasures, which I sell in my Etsy shop, Peace & Goodwill. My favorite things include lavender lattes, swimming in the ocean, true crime podcasts, The X-Files, and Peaky Blinders. I hope to become a full-time writer, bestselling novelist, and a continually improving reflection of God's grace. Proverbs 16:24

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