Postmortem: The Goldfinch

If Donna Tartt and I were in a relationship on Facebook, it would be, "It's Complicated." Reading her novels leaves me awed and frustrated, annoyed and enlightened.

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday (#12)

Happy Day After Thanksgiving! I hope you all celebrated in the way you love best. My day was spent wonderfully with family and friends and as always, far too much fun. I tried a couple new recipes which turned out really well. But the most important thing is, now that Thanksgiving is over... it's officially CHRISTMASTIME.

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The Long Way Home

I love road trips. Flying is nice and saves time, but to me, nothing beats hitting the road. When I was young, my parents took us on a yearly road trip to Washington to visit my cousins. It was a 24-hour drive that we usually split into three 8-hour days. I've seen most of the western United States by car -- as far east as Wyoming. I consider myself a road trip veteran.