Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday #30 – Ireland Edition!

Greetings from Ireland! I'm currently sitting at a working dairy farm/bed and breakfast in Bushmills in Northern Ireland, drinking whiskey from a teacup (don't worry, it's 10:30 here). It's been an absolutely amazing trip so far and I'll definitely do a detailed post about everything once I get back. But for now, here are five… Continue reading Five Things Friday #30 – Ireland Edition!

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday (#29)

It's Friday, but not just any Friday. It's my last day of work before my 10 day trip to Ireland!!!! It's finally here!!! So, on a housekeeping note, I'm not going to be around for the next 11 days. I would really like to post a Five Things Friday Ireland Edition but that's all dependent… Continue reading Five Things Friday (#29)


Book Review: Lilac Girls

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is natural that such an earth-shaking event, a piece of history that revealed the deep capacity for evil that lies within human nature, would inspire a seemingly bottomless well of responsive art. As a lover of historical fiction, I have read a fair few books about World War II… Continue reading Book Review: Lilac Girls