Five Things Friday (#37)

Happy Friday! Last week flew by so quickly that I completely forgot about Friday and the blog post I owed to you all — but here I am now, with another wonderful 5 things! 1. The DM Collection I absolutely love these fantastic renditions of basic bugs and animals. They are so pretty and delicateContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#37)”

Five Things Friday (#36)

Happy happy Friday! Last week was party week and this week was recovery and productivity, but it was still good. I swam a lot, in both the ocean and the pool, which has me feeling pretty good in both body and soul. The only thing is that I haven’t been writing at all and it’s bummingContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#36)”

Five Things Friday (#33)

I’m back!!! I’m sorry for the unannounced hiatus! I got a new job and it’s been commandeering all my time and energy, but in a good way. Without going into a lot of specific detail, I’m now working in textbook publishing! It’s a big change, but a welcome one. I feel like I’m in theContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#33)”

Five Things Friday (#26)

It’s Friday? Yesterday I texted my friend and asked how her weekend was without realizing that it was actually Thursday and the weekend hadn’t happened yet. I came down with a nasty cold and missed two days of work, so I’m all out of sorts. Today I’m finally feeling better. Hooray for that, and hoorayContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#26)”

Trust Your Obsessions

“I remember Alan Moore in the late 1980s telling me about a documentary he’d seen on TV about Jack the ripper. And then, over the course of the next few months, telling me about Jack the Ripper books he’d read. By the point where he was asking me to go and find rare and forgottenContinue reading “Trust Your Obsessions”

Five Things Friday (#23)

Welcome to the weekend, friends! I’m taking off again for a semi-unplugged weekend in the mountains. I’m hoping to see some snow, take some photos, and get a lot of writing done. This week hasn’t been super productive unless you count making Pinterest boards for my characters productive which, you know, I’d like to, butContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#23)”