Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday (#45)

It's the last Friday before Christmas, y'all!!! I'm so excited! My shopping done, my wrapping is close to it, and I'm looking forward to a cozy and celebratory 4-day weekend with my friends and family.

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday (#44)

I guess it's kind of rude for me to just pop back up with a FTF like I haven't been ghosting y'all for over a month but can you just trust me when I say it wasn't a very GOOD month and the last thing I want to do when I'm having a bad time is listen to my own dumb thoughts?

Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday (#38)

Friday is at last upon us! I'm heading out to go camping this weekend and I. can't. wait. Campfires and coffee all weekend, please. 1.ย This article from The Cut:ย What It's Like to Be on Antidepressants Long-Term In the vein of my post earlier this week, this article has been really helpful in coming to terms… Continue reading Five Things Friday (#38)