Five Things Friday (#44)

I guess it’s kind of rude for me to just pop back up with a FTF like I haven’t been ghosting y’all for over a month but can you just trust me when I say it wasn’t a very GOOD month and the last thing I want to do when I’m having a bad time is listen to my own dumb thoughts?

Five Things Friday (#41)

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s been a pretty good week around these parts. My 4th wedding anniversary was yesterday! It’s been a year full of unexpected challenges, but I feel so blessed to be tackling it with this guy at my side. This weekend I’m going to Disneyland for the first time in MONTHS (that’s aContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#41)”

Five Things Friday (#38)

Friday is at last upon us! I’m heading out to go camping this weekend and I. can’t. wait. Campfires and coffee all weekend, please. 1. This article from The Cut: What It’s Like to Be on Antidepressants Long-Term In the vein of my post earlier this week, this article has been really helpful in coming to termsContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#38)”

Five Things Friday (#37)

Happy Friday! Last week flew by so quickly that I completely forgot about Friday and the blog post I owed to you all — but here I am now, with another wonderful 5 things! 1. The DM Collection I absolutely love these fantastic renditions of basic bugs and animals. They are so pretty and delicateContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#37)”

Five Things Friday (#33)

I’m back!!! I’m sorry for the unannounced hiatus! I got a new job and it’s been commandeering all my time and energy, but in a good way. Without going into a lot of specific detail, I’m now working in textbook publishing! It’s a big change, but a welcome one. I feel like I’m in theContinue reading “Five Things Friday (#33)”