Palettes and Playlists

Palettes and Playlists: Melancholy September

For moody and foggy mornings.


Trust Your Obsessions

“I remember Alan Moore in the late 1980s telling me about a documentary he’d seen on TV about Jack the ripper. And then, over the course of the next few months, telling me about Jack the Ripper books he’d read. By the point where he was asking me to go and find rare and forgotten… Continue reading Trust Your Obsessions

Palettes and Playlists

Palettes and Playlists: February Feeling

I'm trying something new as a challenge for myself. Every once in a while (maybe monthly) I'll choose a theme (February 2018) and assign it a color palette, moodboard, and playlist. No restrictions, no guidelines, just the challenge of finding things that "go together" for whatever reason -- aesthetically, audibly, emotionally. This is February.… Continue reading Palettes and Playlists: February Feeling